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"The Text Book" Course is the complete guide to texting, modern e-communications, and social media messaging for today's business world.

87% of employees rated The Text Book Workshop as
Highly Effective and said they felt more confident in business communications.

"The Text Book" Course Includes:

  • Learn best practices for writing emails, texting, and social media.

  • Learn ways to protect Personal Identifiable Information (PII)
    and sensitive confidential data in e-communications.

  • Learn how to avoid pitfalls and legal liabilities from improper texting.

  • Learn business etiquette, what to do and what to avoid to be a more effective communicator overall.

  • Get techie tips like how to schedule a text message, when to use SMS vs. MMS, and more.

  • Discover your unique texting personality type and tips on how you can communicate better instantly.

Course Instructor:

Elizabeth Rossi, 2019 Top Female Author Nominee

"The Text Book" Author Elizabeth Rossi, is professional writer and a cum Laude graduate of the University of Pittsburgh, where she studied technology and written communications.


Since then, she has written over 80 guides and manuals, feature-length screenplays, television pilots, and countless online articles covering an array of subjects. 

She has received multiple awards and accolades for her work, and has been featured on radio and television programs internationally including:

  • Southeast Sunrise Media, Tampa, Florida

  • ABC7 News, Pasadena, California

  • The Bill Alexander Show, Uniontown, Pennsylvania,

  • The Authors Show

  • VoyageLA Magazine, Los Angeles, California

  • Between the Lines, Jamaica

  • Richard Rossi Live, Hollywood, California

  • The Eric McKenna Project, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

  • The Mike Wagner Show, Bismark, North Dakota

  • Be A Force, Hollywood, California

What are people saying?

Every course attendee receives a copy of the wildly popular "The Text Book"  which has a 100% 5-Star Rating on

The Text Book Front Cover

"The Text Book" is making a POSITIVE impact on people's lives and how they are interacting, engaging, and connecting with other people.


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